航空航天接口 Tech specs


航空航天接口 technical drawing
航空航天接口 technical drawing
航空航天接口 technical drawing
航空航天接口 technical drawing


PCM Input Channels 2 PCM frame sync input or simulator output (software selectable)
Stream Rate 40 Mbit/sec, both channels, input or output
Single ended PCM input (BNC)
Signal Level TTL with 2V threshold and 200mV hysteresis
Input Resistance 10 kOhm, 75 Ohm and 50 Ohm (software selectable)
Differential Input (Triax)
Signal Level RS-422/485 logic '1' when A-B>=-50mV logic '0' when A-B>= -200mV
Input Resistance 124 Ohm
IRIG input (BNC)
IRIG input (BNC) Modulation AC or DC
Code type IRIG A, B and G
IRIG output (BNC)
Modulation AC or DC (also on sync connector)
Code type IRIG B
Sync connectors
Connector type 4 Pin LEMO 00B
Functions Sync between other SIRIUS Analog units along with DS-CAM (video) inputs
General specs
Power supply +5 V from USB
Maximum power consumption 11W
Interface USB 2.0
Physical dimensions 145x135x65mm (5.71x5.31x2.56 inch)
Weight 920g (2.03 lbs)
Operating temperature -10°C to +50°C
Storage temperature -40°C to +70°C