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Dewesoft X2 SP3 is the latest innovation in data acquisition software from Dewesoft. Available as a free upgrade for all existing Dewesoft X users. The new version features many exciting improvements which perfectly uses all available hardware resources and therefore can ONLY be used with DEWESoft hardware.

Grand View

Enhanced freeze mode (Grand View) allows the user to review stored data from the start of measurement without interrupting data acquisition and storing process. The user is able to zoom into any region of data already stored on disk during the measurement and review any type of signal including video, which makes (long-term) measurements easier to manage.

CAN offline decoding

Acquire raw CAN traffic and do everything else later in analyze. Load DBC file in analyze mode or update it with merge option if the new version is available. Scan bus for all stored messages or add new messages manually. Add new signals, change scaling...

Campbell diagram

Visualisation of 3-dimensional values on a single plane, mostly used in Order Tracking. The range of values is segmented in a defined number of levels and each level is represented by a circle, whose radius and color depends on level's index; bigger values are represented with larger circles and colors higher on the color map. For the better analysis of data, cutoff of lower levels can be applied.

3D Graph cutoff

The 3D graph is now able to cutoff noise floor so that peaks are easier to see. Cutoff can be changed either in the left properties menu or by scrolling the mouse over Z axis.

Fatigue analysis

Fatigue Analysis toolbox represents a powerful fatigue analysis solution covering fatigue analysis stages from preprocessing and cycle counting to visualization and data export. Preprocessing tools include turning points filter, rainflow filter, and discretization filter. Cycle counting methods support Rainflow counting (compliant with ASTM E 1049-85) and Markov counting. Visualization tools include range histograms, from-to matrices, and range-mean matrices.


  • XY cursor in video visual control

  • 2D graph marker buttons improvement

  • Ability to show filename without folder in Input visual control

  • DC component added to Harmonic FFT graph


  • ‘Order FFT vs. time' channel added to Order tracking

  • Shortcut for adding math instruments of same type (+ tab)


  • Krypton-STG supported

  • DS-CLOCKv2 supported

  • SIRIUS-STGMv3-L2B10f connector added

  • Sirius-E and Krypton work together on the same EtherCAT port

  • Ethercat devices detection of unsupported hardware/firmware

  • Sirius-CD/-HS watchdog timer

  • DS-CAN2 and DS-CAN8 IRIG synchronization

  • CMR, RTCMv2, RTCMv3 supported for Topcon RTK Rover

  • Advanced hardware debug channels added (SyncError, IRIGTime, VCXO values…)

  • AO control channels for Sirius-HD with AO module supported

  • Sirius-E stability and performance improved


  • Include subdirectories file search in File Manager Block

  • Sensor balance function in Action block added

  • New command for changing window state (normal, minimized, maximized) in the action item added


  • Counters invert lines (source, aux, gate) according to settings from angle sensor

  • Option to enable auto-popup of warning/error dialog

  • Other minor improvements and bugfixes

To learn more about Dewesoft X3 please visit the Dewesoft X product page .

2018年6月6日 16:45